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Textiles Re:imagined


Textiles Re:imagined


Delve into the minds of 50 of the world's most innovative and inspiring textile and fiber artists.

Textiles Re:imagined takes you on a journey of discovery as you share in the stories of 50 diverse artists, all of whom demonstrate excellence in workmanship and design. This is your 'behind the scenes' pass into how the artists got to where they are today, what inspires them and the processes they use to create their breathtakingly beautiful work. Immerse yourself in a world of possibility within the realm of textile and fiber art and embrace the freedom to explore new concepts and ideas.

In compiling this book for you and other passionate, creative people just like you, we sought to challenge preconceptions about what constitutes 'textile art'.

The work of the 50 featured artists honours tradition in many cases, but is always innovative, exciting and contemporary.

In Textiles Re:imagined, you’ll find well established, highly respected practitioners, such as Jean Draper and Karen Nicol, rubbing shoulders with those at the start of their journey, such as Bella May Leonard. You’ll discover artists drawing inspiration from a multitude of sources including nature (Heather Collins), foreign culture (Pippa Andrews) and the human condition (Hilary Bower), using a diverse array of materials including felt (Janice Arnold), rope (Judy Tadman) and recycled objects (Barbara Cotterell), and working in a wide range of methods including hand-weaving (Alice Hume), beading (Jan Huling) and basketry (Polly Pollock).

By covering such a wide and varied range of materials and techniques, our aim is that you’ll be inspired to experiment and push the boundaries of your own practice.

And of course, as fiber art is a visual medium there’s a huge array of sumptuously vibrant images of the artists’ work to stimulate you further.

"If you’re a fan of embroidered art or you’re in a position to teach and share exciting art with people, you owe it to yourself to get a copy of Textiles Re:imagined. I cannot recommend it enough!" Jamie ‘Mr X Stitch’ Chalmers

"This must be the textile e-book of the year, if not the decade. The fifty artists selected represent a breathtaking variety of innovation in textile art. The accounts of the influences which shape each artist's work are fascinating and revealing, and discussion of working methods will be of interest not only to students of textile art, sculpture, mixed media and other modes of visual expression but to art lovers everywhere. The production values are very high, design of the publication superb, and the works presented are beautifully photographed." Judith Burns Amazon

"This book is full of inspiration. I feel that I have had the opportunity to visit one of the best mixed media museums in the world and have browsed and read and mused for hours over this ebook. Do yourself a favour, if you love mixed media you will love this book" SJ Fisher Amazon

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