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Textile Art Inspired by Nature


Textile Art Inspired by Nature


Nature is one of the most enduring inspirations for art of any form. Fascination with forests, seas, wildlife and the sky doesn’t seem to ebb.

In Textile Art Inspired by Nature, we celebrate the work and worlds of 10 artists speaking of this well-trodden subject matter in new and resounding voices.  Each chapter delves into a different artist’s take on nature and the techniques and processes they use to bring their concepts to life. The array of beautiful images of their work prove that there really is no limit to the possibilities of how nature can be harnessed to create original, breathtaking art and how textiles seem to be the perfect medium to capture the rhythms and textures of the natural world.

You’ll share in the stories of long-time TextileArtist.org contributors Cas Holmes, who uses found materials as the foundation for her work, and Anne Kelly, who creates densely embroidered and multi-layered works.

You’ll also be invited into the worlds of machine embroiderer Anne Honeyman, mixed media practitioner Lesley Richmond, and abstract artist Pat Bishop. And you’ll take a glimpse into the processes of Dionne Swift, who uses drawing as the basis for her work, Susan Beallor-Snyder, who creates natural manila rope sculptures, and Nicola Henley, whose process is instigated by the movement of birds. Finally, you’ll discover what lies behind the work of applied artist Maria Boyle and quilter Leslie Morgan.

Whilst all the artists in this book take nature as their starting point, we’re sure you’ll agree the results are as diverse as they are beautiful.

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