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Textile and fiber art e-books

We’ve compiled a selection of inspirational ebooks featuring some of the most inventive contemporary textile and fiber artists in the world.

Whether you’re hungry for insights into how the artists began and what compels them to create, or you’re fascinated by how they make art in terms of process and technique, these books give you a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse into their worlds. Each of the books also delivers a stunning array of breath-taking images of the artists’ work.

Don’t like digital books? There are those who say reading a book on a tablet or computer isn’t the same as holding a real book in your hands and turning the pages. We love physical books too, but they’re expensive to produce and we only want the best quality. The advantage with buying an ebook is you’re getting the same amount of content for a much better price.

In a review for the ebook Textiles Re:imagined, which offers over 450 pages of inspiration and features 50 of the most innovative international textile artists working today, SJ Fisher said she felt she’d had access to ‘one of the best mixed media museums in the world’.